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Project News
ShareCD development Mon February 7 2005
Yes, I know, we haven't done much development on ShareCD these past couple months, mainly because one of us has lost interest in it, and the other decided that the mp3 format sucks (which I do agree, but I spent $300 on an mp3 player, so I'm not about to drop it.) Anyway, I'm writing this update that development still continue's slowly, but it does continue, any ideas towards ShareCD, Protocol design, etc, look me up on irc.freenode.net, channel: #ShareCD, if you do have an interest in this project being something, I suggest you do visit us, as I probably wont work on it any other way.
ShareCD on IRC! Thu June 17 2004
you can now check us out on sharecd on IRC by going to irc.freenode.net with an irc client, and joined #ShareCD :) hope to see you soon.

Website Complete Thu June 17 2004
The website is now up, check back often for updates, and other cool stuff! :)

Quick Downloads
ShareCD v0.0.3

ShareCD v0.0.2

ShareCD v0.0.1

zpsklib v1.0.0

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